Saturday, 19 May 2012

Social media and the writer

      A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the trials and tribulations of self-publishing. In other words, how-to-do-it-yourself-with-the-help-of-Amazon.

      So now my manuscript is ready to roll. It's been thoroughly assessed and edited, and with the click of a button, off it goes to the Design Layout team who will format it into book form. In five days, I should receive the first draft of my very own novel, which I will then peruse online for any copying errors or last minute editorial changes. Barring any major corrections, I should then be able to email the book cover my own graphic designer created and hey presto, theoretically, the two shall be joined and never rent asunder! Well, at least that's the general idea.

      In the meanwhile, I work on creating my online profile. For, according to those far more experienced than I, this is the way to let the world know of your presence in preparation for the birth of your personal literary baby. 'You must join Tweeter,' they say. 'Start a blog and get yourself an author Facebook page.'

      Ah, what wonderful additions to the English language. Tweet, blog and facebook. The first two sound like some sort of speech impediment, while the third conjures up an image of a person with an open book slapped to their face! But, since this is modern social media and the new way of connecting with people and potential future customers, I put aside my reticence and signed up.

      Within a couple of days I posted my first tweet (pronounce that any way you like!). And like so many others out there in tweeterworld, I got hooked.

      Every inane comment and imbecilic utterance, from the memorable witticism to the downright undecipherable text, appeared on my screen and I just had to post my own, hopefully more intelligent comment. I neglected work on my next manuscript as my brain feverishly thought up new tweets to add to the increasingly crowded world already out there.

      Thankfully, it didn't last long. The initial excitement wore off, and now, I'm down to only two tweets a day.

      Sanity prevailed.

     As for the blog? Well, you're reading it. And yes, I do have an author facebook page as well. Somehow I managed to set that up between tweets and you're most welcome to visit. I've posted the cover of Bloodgifted there.

     It's been an adventure and now that my tweeting is under control, I may just post two blogs a week instead of one and work on my second manuscript also.

    After all, aren't women meant to be multitaskers?

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