Sunday, 6 May 2012

Their Economy or Ours?

Well, now I know why writers choose the traditional route to publishing - it's less work.
I've just spent the last couple of days filling out tax forms for the United States IRS to prove I'm not an American citizen. Otherwise I'd get taxed a higher rate. Last thing I want is to contribute any more than I have to toward the US economy  - the Australian Taxation Office gets enough out of me already.

So, as long as nobody has stolen my identity, proving I'm an Aussie shouldn't be a problem - driver's license, passport, birth certificate... that sort of thing. Then I have to sit back and wait six to eight weeks for them to prove something I already know. And, hopefully I'll then be provided with a Social Security Number I can use to get paid royalties - into either an American or British bank account.

Once again, I end up contributing to another nation's economy.

Meanwhile, the graphic artist I hired to create my cover page is doing a great job. She's just as excited to be working on my book as I am, and the initial draft copies she's sent over for my perusal are fantastic. I doubt Amazon could have done a better job and besides, this way at least I'm contributing something to the local economy.

What next? The Kindle conversion.
Try that one of my own? No way, especially as it only costs $US69  for them to do it for you.

Ah well, they are our allies, after all.

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