Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bloodpledge Has a New Cover, and is Going on Tour!

I've been on blog tours before, and I love them! The exposure alone is worth it. So, here I am about to embark on another with the second book in my Dantonville Legacy series—Bloodpledge. (which been out a fortnight and has already reached #50 in Amazon's Top 100 Hot New Releases. Yay!) But, aside from that, the lovely team at Irresistible Reads Book Blog is hosting me again. If anyone wants to join up, go for it!
And here's the new cover:
I love the leather jacket. It fits perfectly into a scene in the book, even to his holding onto the sword strap (which is actually at his side in the book, but hey, artistic licence!)
Once I have the full information regarding the blog tour, I'll post the schedule on here so anyone can follow it if they wish. Of course there'll be some giveaways involved including FREE copies of my books and an Amazon voucher. 
And lastly, I'm also doing a giveaway on Goodreads Go on there to join and good luck! 


Diane said...

Nice cover, but the first one was also good. Any reason for the change? Hope the tour goes well, and congratulations for doing so well on Amazon.

Tima Maria said...

Hi Dianne, I changed the cover to more reflect the story, which the first cover model didn't do. The new one hints at a scene in the book. Thank you for the congrats, and I only hope the sales continue to grow.