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Meet Elizabeth Ellen Carter - My Guest Post

I don't often do these guest posts, but sometimes it's nice to showcase the work of an excellent author, and fellow Aussie. Today I'm thrilled to present historical romance novelist, Elizabeth Ellen Carter. Her  book, Moonstone Obsession, is set in one of my favourite periods of history—the late 18th century. It was the era of discovery; of Mozart; of the ideas of the Enlightenment and French Revolution; a time of danger and romance, and Elizabeth captures it all perfectly in her exciting novel.
So, without further ado, here's Elizabeth Ellen Carter—

1. Where were you born and where do you call home?
I was born in Liverpool, Sydney but my family moved to the Gold Coast when I was three months old. My father and grandfather came to Queensland to in the late 1960s work on the high rise buildings that Surfers Paradise is famous for.
2. What inspired you to start writing, and when?
I was quite lonely as a child, so I found my escape in reading books and when I was about 9 years old I decided to write my own adventure stories. It was a great way of spending a school holiday.
3. How many books have you written?  If more than one, are any a series…or trilogy?
I'm writing my third and have started research on my fourth! My first book, Moonstone Obsession was originally written as a stand alone, but my husband loved one of the supporting characters and asked that Lady Abigail Houghall get her own story. So I'm nearly finished Moonstone Conspiracy.
4. What is the name of your most recent book and please sum it up in 50 words or less.
My second book, Warrior's Surrender is going to be released on November 7. It is medieval romance.
Lady Alfreya of Tyrswick has returned to her family home after seven years in exile — not victorious as her dead father promised – but defeated by Baron Sebastian de la Croix, the Norman who rules her lands.
To save her gravely ill brother’s life, Alfreya offers herself hostage to her enemy.
Sebastian is a man with a secret – one that could destroy him.
Seven years earlier, he made the impetuous decision to spare the life of a Saxon Earl and his family – the act brands him a traitor, even now.
For Alfreya’s protection and his, Sebastian makes another impetuous proposal just as a new threat emerges.
5. If you gave one of your characters in any of your books an opportunity to speak for themselves outside the realm of the story, what would they say?
I am really loving Lady Abigail Houghall - she is such a vixen but she has a heart of gold. She's fabulous and flawed.
She would annoy people by telling them to suck it up and get on with life.
6. What books or authors have influenced your writing the most?
I read history and science quite extensively as well as romance, so two authors who have been the most influential are Agatha Christie and Rebecca Brandewyne who wrote the first historical romance I read, Rose of Rapture back in the late 1980s.
8. Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover?
Yes! Oh... that question was supposed to be multiple choice?
10. Is there a particular movie that you preferred over the book version?
I preferred the film version of The Thin Man (1934) with Myrna Loy and William Powell over the original book by Dashiell Hammet.
11. What book are you currently reading and in what format (ebook/paperback/hardcover)?
Engaging The Enemy by my wonderful author friend Susanne Bellamy!
17. What are your pet peeves?
Rudeness. That's about it really. Everything else I tend to go with the flow.
18. What are your favorite food and beverage?
Red wine and Chocolate (and not necessarily in that order!)
19. Do you write outside of your favorite genre? Why?
I haven't but I'd like to. I would love to work on a crime fiction series with my husband when I get the chance. I have an idea for a techno thriller and a couple of traditional ghost stories. My romance stories tend to be epics, so I think my other stories might be short stories I write between edits of the longer stories.
20. In your case, how many hours do you devote to research and writing per day?
I work full time, but I try to devote about four hours each day to researching and writing. I have a pretty good broad knowledge of history, so I have a strong starting point but I have to fill in strong historical details along the way.
22. Your thoughts on receiving book reviews – the good and the bad.
I've been fortunate not to have had a bad review (knock wood), but as a former newspaper journalist, I've received my share of knockers. My favourite was a fervid three page letter from a Prince fan who was upset because I gave a review of Under The Cherry Moon 1-star.
23. Where is one place in the world that you would really love to visit someday?
Only one place? If it could only be one place, it would have to be England because I've set most of my stories there.
24. One of your favorite quotes -
"If you want to be a good writer, then read good writing." CS Lewis.
25. List 3 books you just recently read and would recommend?
The Go-Between by LP Hartley
Claiming The Rebel's Heart by Alison Stuart
Engaging The Enemy by Susanne Bellamy
26. List 3 of your favorite movies?
The Thin Man - I can watch this film and its sequels every year
Die Hard - one of my favourite Christmas movies
The Women - The dialogue is amazing. It's worth viewing twice in succession. And I mean the 1939 film version not that awful Diane Keaton one from 2008, that was a shocker.
29. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pursue a writing career?
Write, and write some more. Don't be discouraged. Read and read some more. Deconstruct the book, work out what elements make you love it so much. Why does it emotionally resonate? How is it structured? How is the story told?
And lastly, where can your readers stalk you?

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Elizabeth Ellen Carter said...

Thank you for having me a guest!

Tima Maria said...

My pleasure, Elizabeth :-) I hope you get lots of sales from it.

Diane said...

Lovely to hear about your writing, Elizabeth. All the best with ALL your books.