Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Humble Little Blog Has Been Nominated for a Liebster! 

The last two weeks I've been sick in bed with the flu, so poor old blog got neglected. But, here I am—nearly recovered—and ready to post. 
About a month ago, my good friend—and best selling author—Lindsay J Pryor, nominated me for the Liebster Award. It's designated to help bloggers/readers find new blogs by nominating my favourite ones. 
Thanks for nominating me, Linds. I'm finally doing it! 
To participate, you have to:
1. Display the Liebster Award Logo on your blog (check)
2. Link back to the person who nominated you (check)
3. Answer the ten questions they have posed
4. Create ten questions of your own
5. Choose your own nominations to continue the torture… err fun.
Well, here goes - 

1) What attracts you to paranormal romance?
There's far more scope for the imagination, besides the spooky, gothic aspects of PNR. I've always been fascinated by the darker aide of human nature, those hidden elements that can either strengthen a character or destroy them. To me, paranormal romance is like a fairytale for grown-ups. And who doesn't like fairytales? (Yes, I'm sure there are some who don't.)
2) What defines a great book?
Difficult question, because it's so subjective. What I might regard as the characteristics of a memorable book might not necessarily resonate with others. But to me, it has to be a compelling plot; sympathetic characters; gripping descriptions that make drag me into the author's world, and a hint of mystery. There are many great novels that do that for me. One of my favourites has to be The Lord of the Rings. Once I began to read, I couldn't put it down, so totally was I captivated by Tolkien's middle Earth and the brilliant assortment of characters in it. Yet I know of people who can barely get past the first five pages. It's a mystery *shrugs* 
3) What is the most meaningful object you have?
When I turned twenty-one, I inherited a beautiful gold, chain bracelet from my mother. She in turn had inherited it from her mother—my Babi (Czech for grandma)—who had received it as a gift from my grandfather. There's quite a history to it, as my grandfather bought it in Prague in the 1930s. It survived WWII and the Nazi occupation of (then) Czechoslovakia; a midnight run from a communist takeover in 1948, and my family's immigration, by ship, to Australia. It also survived my childhood, since Mum used to let me try it on and play with it.
4) A cityscape or a rural/coastal view – which do you prefer?

Coastal view. I escaped from the city three years ago, happily swapping a view of Sydney rooftops for a tree-covered hilltop, and a seven-minute drive to the beach.
5) Describe the true meaning of a hero/heroine.
To me, it's someone who willingly places the good of others before themselves. Not the so-called sporting heroes who triumph only for their own glory, but those people who give of themselves, often with no expectation of a reward. They give their time, efforts and even their lives. These are the true heroes.
6) What sends your irritation levels to dizzying heights?
Rudeness and injustice. That's why I dislike going shopping, and watching the News.
7) What makes you happy?
So many things. To narrow it down, though, I'd say knowing my family is safe and healthy, and that I am loved by God through my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. There's a security in that like no other. How could I not be happy?
8) I’m not going to tell you where you’re going or what you’re doing, but you can only pack three things in a suitcase. What are they?
My Bible (because the battery would run out on my iPhone and kindle, if you chose a desert island), my favourite pair of jeans (with my toothbrush stuck in the back pocket) and good walking shoes.
9) You write. Why?
I breathe. There's no alternative.
10) You are given the task of changing the ending to a well-known fairytale. Which one do you chose and what would the altered outcome be? Explain why.
I never liked the ending of Hansel and Gretel. The poor witch got chucked in the oven, but it was the two juveniles who were eating her house! I'd have her feed them a potion, transforming them into two little pigs, and send them to the Big Bad Wolf.

And if anyone else wants to answer any of the above questions, feel free to join in! :-)
I'm done! Now to hand over the Liebster Award to fellow authors and pnr/urban fantasy fans, but ladies, only do this if you have the time.
Here are my questions … 
1.   Why did you choose your particular genre to write?
2.   If you had the chance, would you live in your created world? 
3.   Who is your favourite paranormal/fantasy character?
4.   Would you prefer to live in a) cottage b) fairytale castle c) gypsy caravan?
5.   If you could interview any famous person, who would it be?
6.   Name the actor you'd like to portray you if a movie were ever made of your life.
7.   You're going on a mystery flight. Where do it doesn't land?
8.   You're faced with three doors. One is labelled 'Adventure', the other 'Romance' and the last 'Danger'. Which one would you go through.
9.   Could you survive without a TV for a year?
10. If you received an offer from a film producer interested in making a movie from your book, but it meant it would be significantly altered, would you sign the contract?  
Have fun, everyone :-) 


Diane said...

Interesting answers to the questions, Tima. Great post.

Tima Maria said...

Thanks, Diane. What I liked was that they were all original.