Friday, 27 May 2016

Meet Young Adult Author, PJ Byer

It's always a pleasure to showcase a new release, especially when it's from my lovely critique partner, PJ Byer. Book 2 in her engrossing young adult Trial Bay Series is now available on Amazon at the sale price of 99c. Go get it.

This book is the much anticipated prequel to Collision, Book 1, in the Trial Bay series.

Collision traces the arc of runaway Stella and her father Paul Lawson’s fractured relationship, to their tentative reunion in Trial Bay, on the Australian mid-north coast. Their story hints at the many lies buried at the heart of their family history.
Now this new book in the series, Corrosion, set between 1958 and 2008 in Sydney and Trial Bay, explores this generational secrecy in alternating chapters. It unravels the story of Stella’s father, Paul, and his mother, Mary.

Paul, a lonely, confused teenager, is desperate to avoid being sent to boarding school by his elegant, career-driven mother. He’d rather risk living with his unreliable, irresponsible father and attend the local high school, than let his mother decide his future for him.
Mary has striven all her life to overcome her desperately unhappy childhood. Born illegitimate, Mary is raised by her grandparents to hide the scandal. She experiences bitter rejection, and is determined her son will never lack the opportunities denied her. Unfortunately, her wealth, ambition and steely control over her son form only a thinly-veiled veneer to hide devastating secrets.

In their final showdown, what does Paul discover? And will it destroy him, and her?


    PJ Byer is the Young Adult writer of the Trial Bay series, Collision and Corrosion, Books 1 and 2 respectively. Collision is a finalist in the Teen section of the International 2015 Wishing Shelf Book Awards, as well as chosen as the 2016 Year 10 novel study at MacKillop Catholic College, Warnervale, NSW.

    The series is set in Sydney and the mid-north NSW coast, Australia. Collision, Book 1, is a fast-paced, coming-of-age mystery about teen runaway Stella Lawson, who is disturbed by her flashbacks to Trial Bay gaol a century before.     

    Corrosion, Book 2, is a warm-hearted yet poignant story of Stella's father Paul as a teenager, and his fragmenting relationship with his mum, Mary. She is desperate to keep family secrets hidden from him, until an ultimate showdown threatens to destroy their relationship. PJ began to write the day after she retired from English, History and Drama teaching. Inspired by the stories of Trial Bay gaol, where hundreds of World War One Germans were interned, her series has evolved to delve into family generational secrets, and the fall-out from these. Happily married with two adult daughters, PJ lives on the Central Coast near the beach, an hour north of Sydney. 

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