Thursday, 23 February 2017

BloodGifted Sale - One Day Only 99c

Have you ever had a dream?
A holiday to some exotic location, a romantic adventure or meeting the love of your life?
Well, my dream is to become a NYT best selling author.
And right now that seems so remote -  a fantasy, like the stories that I write about never ageing.
But, some dreams can come true.
Last weekend, I attended the Books By The Bridge event where I got the chance to meet some NYT best selling authors and they shared with me how they had achieved it.
It takes time and hard work, and lots of sales.
Like my heroine, Laura, who is thrust into a strange new world, I'm asking you to help thrust me into the world of the best sellers.
So, how can you help? If you haven't bought BloodGifted, go buy it today at a one-day-only special price of 99c.

Buy BloodGifted here - Amazon
If you've already bought and read it (you wonderful person, you), please leave a review. Even if it's only one sentence.
Thank you for helping me achieve my little fantasy.
May all your dreams come true.

Tima Maria Lacoba

PS As a thank you to any who purcahse a copy of BloodGifted and/or leave a review, I'll send a gorgeous Dantonville charm bracelet. You can even choose your own colour. Just email me a pic of the Amazon purchase receipt and/or your review.

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