Monday, 6 February 2017

Meet The Queen of Scream, Suzie Albracht

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Suzi Albracht. Some people call me The Queen of Scream. I can hardly wait to show you why.

I have been a writer since I was a little girl. However, it wasn’t until I became one of the walking divorced dead that I started to actually do something with it. For me, there was something healing about writing horror. I got to kill my demons in all sorts of unusual ways. I promise you, only on paper.

My style is to take characters who are very much like your friends, family, and acquaintances and put them into normal, everyday scenarios that turn horribly wrong. My goal is to get my readers to become emotionally involved with the characters and to even be loyal to some of them. I also want the bad guys to be hated with everything you got. If you read me, I think you will find I have met my goal and then some.

My books are - The Devil’s Due Collection – The Devil’s Lieutenant, Death Most Wicked, and Scorn Kills. I also wrote a non-fiction book to help Newbie Twitter users - The Super Easy Guide for Twitter Newbies: Cracking the Secret of Getting & Keeping Followers. Currently, I am writing a political thriller and book four for The Devil’s Due Collection.

My Twitter profile sums me up, short and sweet - Write, scare myself, turn on all lights, write more. Play pool, kick butt/get butt kicked, write more horror, double lock door.

The Devil’s Lieutenant is Book 1 of The Devil’s Due Collection.

This is a novel that invites you on a whirlwind ride where you get glimpses into the dark side of humanity – those men and women who are greedy, lust driven, criminal, self-serving, corrupted by hopelessness, and desperate to save themselves no matter the cost. You will meet Mr. Ivanovitch who ruthlessly manipulates people who are dangling at the end of their ropes into contracts that will send them to hell if they fail to live up to their end of the bargain. And you will be introduced to his right-hand man, Carl Royce, the Devil’s Enforcer, a man with a dark soul and even darker heart. Carl has a bloody collection of souvenirs that will show you just how cruel he can be.

Because The Devil’s Lieutenant is a story of good versus evil, you also meet the white knight of the story, Jake Holyfield. A man who is a father, a husband, and a cop. Not a perfect man but one who works at being a good person every day of his life. He would be the first to admonish you for calling him a white knight. Within a few pages, he plunges into the depths of Ivanovitch’s world and doesn’t even know it.

So buckle in… your ride begins with the fateful story of Caleb Hunter, a high-profile defense attorney with a costly gambling addiction. To cover his debts and avoid having his wife and business partners discover his thefts to cover his losses, Caleb makes a pact with the wrong individual. The deal provides him with the means to become solvent again without the embarrassment of being found out. He swears he will never gamble again, but Caleb has not learned his lesson and has made the deadliest gamble of all. He is betting on his lawyer skills to get him out of trouble when he ignores his end of the pact. His debts are paid and the thievery covered up, but Caleb ends up a greasy wet spot on a side street of Annapolis.

Caleb’s death becomes Jake Holyfield’s first homicide case on the job. That case ends up being the first in a series of barbaric murders that frustrates the entire homicide division. There are no clues, no DNA, and no witnesses. As the body count rises, Jake begins to look into alternate methods of identifying and catching the killer. He naively ends up making a decision that will change his life and that of everyone in his life. Now the battle is on.

Are you ready for what happens next?

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