Monday, 30 January 2017

Meet Indie Author Sonnett O'Dell

Hi, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sonnet O’Dell. I’m from Worcester in England and I’ve been writing since I was a kid. My first book was published in 2009 and now I have eighteen titles, with another three/four planned to be released this year. I write mostly for adults, though I have written a couple of Young Adult titles. I tend to stick to Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romances but recently tried my hand at writing something set in the far off future on a different planet.

I have a long running series, The Cassandra Farbank Series, that is set in and around my home town because when I first started I followed very strictly the rule of write what you know. Since then I’ve branched out to start several small trilogies/series and have many stand alone novella’s.

When I’m not writing I’m reading. I try to do a review a week throughout the year, as I love nothing more than a good book. I also write the odd blog post and host interviews with different authors on my blog and if anyone here is interested I still have plenty of open spots on this year’s schedule. I recently reworked my website to showcase all my books more fairly, as I have now moved away from the small press I was a part of and more into self-publishing my work.
You can find me on my facebook page.

Check out Sonnet O'Dell's books here on Amazon

Kris (The Clockwatcher Series Book 1)

Sorry, But My Books Are Not Free T-Shirt

I find nothing gets a point across then a T-shirt with a great meme. So here are two I've created to show that every author deserves to be paid for the fabulous books they produce for a voracious reading public. Perhaps I'll have them printed by Vistaprint to wear to my next book signing at Books By The Bridge event in Sydney.
Not sure which one I prefer.
Maybe I'll have them both printed up.
What if other authors would like one, as well?
Mmm ... I see these taking off!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Meet Aiofe Marie Sheridan - paranormal romance author

As promised, here's the first of our indie authors participating in Our Books Are Not Free event - Aoife Marie Sheridan.

Hi Guys,
I wanted to introduce myself. But first I wanted to say a huge thank you to Rose Montague for putting this amazing event together.
So a little bit about me. My name is Aoife Marie Sheridan and I write Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal Genre. Books have always been a part of my life thanks to my grandmother. Mills & Boon was her favourite so that's where I started. A little awkward reading in a bed beside her LOL but I soon got over it.  
I was introduced to the fantasy genre when I picked up Poison Study by Maria V Snyder, she is by far my favourite author. I didn't actually start to write in this genre until 2012 when I published my first book Eden Forest. Since then I have published five books and have two more written. It's a bit hard at the moment getting writing in as I am now a mum for the first time. Marisa is six months old and demands lots of my attention, so she comes first. 

Five for Fun:
What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Coffee.
What is your favourite cartoon character? I love the little girl from Despicable me.
What is your favourite movie of all time? War of the Worlds.
What TV shows do you like to watch? Games of Thrones.
What do you like to do for fun or just to relax? Read, Watch movies or go out for meals.
So that's all about me but to find out more about my books I will be here on the 11th of Feb at 6.00pm.
Thanks for reading. 

You can find Eden Forest, Book 1 of Aiofe Marie Sheridan's Saskia Trilogy here.

You can also find her on her Facebook page.

Until next time, lovelies 😊

Sunday, 22 January 2017

My Books Are Not Free

A new movement is developing. One that's rebelling against the entitlement generation in the literary world who believe authors should not be paid for their books.
It's a sick attitude.
No author can earn a decent living giving away their books.
And readers should not expect that they should.
I've already written an extensive blog post on this topic earlier, so there's no need for me to repeat it all here - Keep Calm and Fart Rainbows
Therefore, over 600 of us authors have come together in a Facebook event we've titled, Our Books Are Not Free to protest against this freebie culture.
We're featuring the work of hundreds of indie and traditionally published authors who have priced their books reasonably so everyone can afford to buy them.
NO 99c and definitely NO FREE books.
If anyone can afford to but themselves a cup of coffee, they can certainly pay for a book that took longer to create and gives greater satisfaction.
Writers provide a service.
And readers, if you want that service, you pay for it like you do for everything else!
Over the next weeks, I'll be featuring individual authors and their books.
Check them out. You never know, you might just find your next favourite author.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Readers and Authors: Salieri to Mozart?

Ever see the movie or play Amadeus? In it, Mozart is supposedly murdered by a musician rival, Salieri who, knowing Mozart is ill, still commissions him to write a requiem. The effort required to compose this work added further strain on Mozart's already weakened body, and he dies as a result.
Far fetched, you reckon?

Maybe, maybe not.
The point I'm making is that sometimes readers, in their voracious hunger for new material to read (especially from their favourite authors), don't realise the strain they're placing on authors to complete that next book in the series, to finish their current WIP (Word in Progress) or to hurry up with that next novella, short story ....
Authors are crumbling beneath the strain, worried they'll lose their reader following if they don't feed the monster.
We, the authors, have become Mozart to our Salieris.
Now I'm not saying I don't appreciate and value my readers. Heaven knows I do, and I thank goodness for each and every one, and if I could write faster and produce more books - 2-3 per year - I would, just to satisfy my wonderful readers.
But, alas, I can't.
My ideas flow at a slower pace than some (whom I envy) and my books are larger. On average, my novels range from 114K to 95K words. Those are no small numbers. It takes me approximately 10 months to complete the first draft before it goes to my editor who then picks it apart until it's perfect. The next month I'm editing and re-editing before the manuscript is shipped off to my Beta readers whose job is to spot every typo, every blooper, every gremlin that can wreck a smooth read.
Twelve months later, taa-daa *drum roll* a new book is ready to be launched.
In the  meanwhile, I've neglected my family, postponed social engagements (some of my friends have given up talking to me, and I don't blame them), and scrimped together enough money from my meager royalties for a professional cover design, formatting, editing and proofreading just to get another book out there.
Then I take a deep breath and sit back - for at least a good half hour - at another job done.
The alcoholic drink in my hand is mandatory.
Ah! But it's not over. Now I need to spend the next three months marketing and promoting my latest release while starting on my next WIP.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm simply showing the reality in being an author in the digital age, and it's a pace few can maintain.
I'm hoping I can, as there are a lot more stories inside my head clamouring to get out.
So please readers, when you're inquiring about the next installment in my series, also ask me if I've had a holiday.

As for freebies .... that's for another post, and it won't be pretty.

PS BloodWish is due for release this coming Easter 😊 And if you haven't yet started this series, what are you waiting for? 😉

Available on Amazon. Just ONE CLICK HERE.